In response to climate change and a warming world plants and animals would naturally shift their distributions northwards to adapt. However many are prevented from doing so because habitats have become fragmented and disconnected, and because of natural barriers such as the English Channel.

This project seeks to address this problem by building a robust ecological network on either side of the Channel, and investigating the possibility of helping species move.

The objectives:

  • Concrete actions to protect the natural heritage of the cross-Channel region by restoration operations and environmental management of threatened natural environments ;

  • To launch a debate to consider the potential for the reintroduction of species which have disappeared from Kent using French stock ;

  • To share expertise on ecological management for the conservation of habitats and species ;

  • To improve public understanding of the natural heritage of the cross-Channel region.

    Several programs have been developed:



    liparis-Bertille-valentin-4Fen orchid

    Seminaire interne CSN 2010Restoration works

    vipere péliade-TCAdder

    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAEvents and activities

    CEN000623Arable plants

    local seeds